dosn't show calendars (or shows them but won't sync 'em)

i was playing around with the CalDAV support in Leopard’s new - subscribing to CalDAV servers, WebDAV servers, publishing, deleting them again, etc. in the end i could see, edit, and update most of the calendars i wanted to. unfortunately, i couldn’t sync them to my phone…

calendars didn’t show up in the iSync dialogue for my phone or
calendars showed up in the dialogue but just didn’t sync

i cannot say i have a ‘real’ solution but at least things work again…

as the data of the calendars was not (i repeat NOT) stored locally i could just delete everything that seemed faintly related to,, my phone or SyncServices, i.e. i deleted the following files/directories…

~/Library/Application\ Support/iSync
~/Library/Application\ Support/SyncServices

…logged out (hm, i even rebooted) and started all over again: hooked up the CalDAV calendars into, setup the phone for and tried again. calendars are back and sync just fine.