OS X Leopard and broadcasted cups printers - no Shared Printers

for whatever reason - and it might be that bonjour should become the preferred method - printers broadcasted from a cups print server don’t show up in OS X 10.5 it is annoying in case one just wants to print (without fiddling around with the cups server)…

for the moment the solution seems to be to add

BrowseProtocols cups

to /etc/cups/cupsd.conf (e.g. after BrowseAllow all). in case you know what you are doing

sudo killall -HUP cupsd

restarts the printing service (aka cupsd). the references also show a way of doing all this via cups' web interface (on http://localhost:631)…

nevertheless, you will have to add the ‘Shared Printer’ via ‘Printer & Fax’ - just that now the printers from the cups server will show up.


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