OS X Leopard (>= 10.5.4 + Security Update 2008-005) - 'Add Printer' for non-admin users

funnily enough the latest Security Update seems to have outdated this hack.

now the Add Printers… dialogue shows all broadcasted cups printers. however, users cannot add them without authenticating as an Administrator of the computer.

a possible solution seems to be to edit a different part of the cupsd.conf file. look for this section and change it accordingly…

 `# All administration operations require an administrator to authenticate...  
<Limit CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer CUPS-Delete-Printer CUPS-Add-Modify-Class CUPS-Delete-Class CUPS-Set-Default>  
  # AuthType Default  
  # Require user @SYSTEM  
  Require valid-user  
  Order deny,allow  



again, it seems that apple changed something in th…

iiegn -

again, it seems that apple changed something in the std. cups set-up.

The “BrowseProtocols”-line is necessary, once again…