Bibliography Workflow (precursor)

Zotero to: LaTeX+moderncv and hugo+academic

I recently switched from Mendeley to Zotero - or rather from Mendeley Desktop to the Zotero Desktop App. This had multiple reasons:

  1. It had started a (long) while ago when I couldn’t make papers accessible on the web in a way (anymore) so that users wouldn’t have to login first
  2. The file upload/syncing to the web (for the users with login…) was very fluky, and the bug tracker for this issue has very long history.
  3. Eventually, in the course of the implementation of the GDPR mendeley started to encrypt our data - which seemed wrong on many levels but most notably on the one that connected this to the GDPR.

So, with Zotero my workflow to (semi-automatically) update my CV needed to be adapted… and so did the workflow to update my website. This old website was made with Jekyll and I was quite happy with it. Well, yes, still, for reasons-for-another-post I decided to give Hugo a try.

The new mix now looks like this:

I found these links very helpful…:

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