The DiDi Corpus of South Tyrolean CMC Data


This paper presents the DiDi Corpus, a corpus of South Tyrolean Data of Computer-mediated Communication (CMC). The corpus comprises around 650,000 tokens from Facebook wall posts, comments on wall posts and private messages, as well as socio-demographic data of participants. All data was automatically annotated with language information (de, it, en and others), and manually normalised and anonymised. Furthermore, semi-automatic token level annotations include part-of-speech and CMC phenomena (e.g. emoticons, emojis, and iteration of graphemes and punctuation). The anonymised corpus without the private messages is freely available for researchers; the complete and anonymised corpus is available after signing a non- disclosure agreement.

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Computer-Mediated Communication / Social Media at GSCL2015 (NLP4CMC2015)