Scientific Report of Short Term Scientific Mission COST-STSM-IS1305-34353


ENeL’s WG3 concerns innovative e-dictionaries with a focus on the development of digitally born dictionaries. The training school 2016 in Ljubljana (SI), May 17-20, introduced parti­cipants, among others, to collecting, analysing, and automatically extracting data from web corpora. Albeit related, the task of processing data from corpora of computer-mediated communica­tion and social media interactions (henceforth referred to as CMC) has been deliberately ex­cluded from the training school’s programme. But we know that “new vocabulary is charac­teristic for CMC discourse, e.g. ‘funzen’ (an abbreviated variant of the German verb ‘funk­tionieren’, en.: ‘to function’) or ‘gruscheln’ (verb denoting a function of a German social net­work platform, most likely a blending of ‘grüßen’, en.: ‘to greet’ and ‘kuscheln’, en.: ‘to cuddle’)” and therefore relevant to WG3; the goal of this STSM is to apply the meth­ods and tools from the training school to CMC data.