News from the STyrLogism Project: Language varieties meet One-Click Dictionary


In this talk, I will report on our previous work (Abel and Stemle 2018) and will relate it to our current work that is conducted as part of our institution’s observer status in the European Lexicographic Infrastructure (ELEXIS) project (Simon Krek et al. 2018). ELEXIS features the One-Click Dictionary tool chain to automatically generate, for example, headword lists, word (and other lexical unit) senses, definitions, and corpus based examples. The tool chain consists of the corpus query system Sketch Engine (Kilgarriff et al. 2014) and the dictionary writing system Lexonomy (Měchura 2017); together they are supposed to support lexicographers along the entire pipeline of producing a dictionary, from corpus to screen, where dictionaries are pre-generated automatically from a corpus (using the Sketch Engine) and then post-edited (using Lexonomy).

Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, DE